The Kings, Part 8: A Thor/Loki Dub!con fic - NSFW

Thor is slow to wake. He sleeps to heal himself.


He knew something was wrong as soon as they arrived in Vanathem. The farmer — the petitioner of whom Loki was so suspicious — was properly obsequious, bowing so low and long Thor forgot what his face looked like. They were offered every luxury the farmer could provide, not excepting his daughter, who was a cheerful, apple-cheeked beauty of just the sort Thor preferred.

Used to prefer. He didn’t doubt that his flesh could still be stirred by a comely maiden, but he doubted that any of them could rival what he had, so far, only sampled.

He missed Loki, and that made him slow.

They swarmed up out of the darkness, cobalt and black and cold. The farmer disappeared with his daughter, his part in the betrayal finished, and Thor cursed himself for not listening to Loki. Then the fight was upon them, and he could only focus on putting Mjolnir through as many jötunn skulls as possible.

The weapons they used were dreadful. A single cut to his chest from a cruel little dagger opened into a bone-deep gouge when he raised Mjolnir. The weapon drained his life-force as it drained his blood. He fell so quickly, and wondered if this is where the thread of his life would be cut.

Then he realized the true horror; he had fallen, and could not rise, but he could see every blow that fell on his friends. Sif was fast to see their danger and warned the Warriors Three away from the glittering blades that had brought Thor to the ground.

The attack broke off sharply, for no reason, and the jötunns vanished back into the mist that shrouded their arrival. Thor heard a word that chilled him more deeply than the cold that sat in his bones:


Loki was the target.

He tried to tell Sif, tried to make her understand that it was Loki who would suffer, but his tongue was a chill blade in his mouth and he slipped under before he could form words.

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The Kings, Part 7: A Thor/Loki Dub!con fic - NSFW

Loki tells no one he’s leaving and rides all night. He nearly kills his horse in making a journey in one night that should take almost a day and a half, but there’s nothing in his head except those three words.

Thor has fallen.

They could mean anything. He tries to tell himself that if Thor was dead, he would know, but that reasoning is no comfort. He barely recognized Thor the last time they saw each other; what ties them together now but duty?

He tries to keep himself from imagining Thor lifeless and cold, and makes himself retch when the image overpowers him anyways.

Nornheim will pay. If he has to burn Karnilla’s kingdom to the ground, they will pay.

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The Kings, Part 6: A Thor/Loki Dub!con fic - NSFW

“…and so, your Grace, I beg you to consider my plea, that my daughter might have a dowry…”

Loki has been listening to petitions for four hours. The helmet isn’t optional when he’s in front of the whole court, and around hour three it started feeling like it was shrinking around his head. He’s hungry, he’s hot, he’s miserable. Worst of all, he’s stuck listening to another hour of petitions before he can take the stupid helmet off.

Why had he decided on horns? The helmet had to weigh at least twenty pounds. He’d been seven years old when he’d designed the damn thing; why had the Allfather allowed him to get away with it?

In retrospect, maybe it had been obvious from the beginning that the Allfather wasn’t too attached to Loki.

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The Kings, Part 5: A Thor/Loki Dub!con fic - NSFW

Loki stares at himself in the mirror. The council meeting begins in ten minutes and he’s not bathed, not dressed, and not sure if last night actually happened. The only proof he has are bright red scratch marks on his neck and face, a feeling of being well-used, and a slightly sore cock.

He could have been dreaming. The phantom Thor who’s shared his bed has never been quite so demanding before, or so forceful with his attentions, but in dreams, anything is possible.

He sighs, decides to treat it as a dream, and reaches for a jar of ointment to soothe the scratches (which really could have come from anywhere). He pauses when the movement sends a whiff of Thor’s scent into the air. Sweat, leather, steel, and sun-warmed flesh — that’s how Thor smells.

It’s also how Loki smells.

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The Kings, Part 4: A Thor/Loki Dub!con fic - NSFW

Loki sits in the bath after Thor leaves, trying to process what just occurred. He’s used to Thor’s commands and to having his wishes overruled, but he’s never doubted his ability to manipulate Thor until now. The playing field, which previously had made the pretense of being level, has tilted several degrees and now the advantage is all Thor’s.

He has two options: he can get dressed and chase Thor out of his rooms, or he can climb into bed and see exactly how serious Thor is about wanting all of Loki. Both options terrify him. If he rejects Thor, he places his kingship in danger - worse, he risks losing Thor completely. If he accepts whatever attention Thor intends to give him…

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The Kings, Part 3: A Thor/Loki Dub!con fic - NSFW

Two weeks later, the throne passes to Loki with little fanfare and no fuss. Thor is so beloved by the people of Asgard that if he decides Loki is worth trusting, they see no reason to disagree, and welcome Loki with acclaim. In fact, Thor is so beloved that Loki finds himself eclipsed by his brother yet again, even though Thor tries to fade gracefully into the background.

It matters little to Loki, who has spent most of the past two weeks wondering how exactly Thor defines “all” of Loki. Thor hasn’t breathed a word to Loki of his intentions, and has behaved precisely as one would expect a trusted advisor and brother to behave. He shepherds Loki from one council meeting to another and spends hours with Loki, reviewing the major decisions facing Asgard. He is patient as Loki struggles to assimilate years of diplomacy, he is understanding when Loki snaps at him out of sheer frustration.

He is agonizingly close at all times.

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The Kings, Part 2: A Thor/Loki Dub!con fic - NSFW

The next day, a guard comes to Loki’s door and tells him his presence is requested at another feast. The guard also tells Loki, in no uncertain terms, that clothes are being sent to him, and he is to wear them, without changing one element of the outfit.

“By order of the King,” says the guard, and moves to the side as the royal tailors carry in what must be several cows’ worth of black and green leather. Loki watches, annoyance giving way to bewilderment. The tailors and the guard bow themselves out, keeping their eyes averted from one whose position in Asgard is still unknown. Is he a prisoner? Is he forgiven? Only the King knows.

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The Kings, Part 1: A Thor/Loki Dub!con fic - NSFW

In this world, Loki gives up, but does not let go.

He lets Thor pull him up from the abyss, the siren call echoing in both their ears, and then lets the guards chain his hands and drag him to a cell. They make him sleep for seven days while they decide what to do with him. He does not dream.


In this world, Thor berates his father for what he’d done to Loki.

His fury earns him a beating from Gungir but the welts on his back heal within hours. He watches his brother while he sleeps, wondering why he feels so proprietary, wondering what comes next. For the first time, Thor begins to scheme.


In this world, Odin is still tired.

What to do with these wayward sons? He deliberates. With a god’s privilege, he refuses to decide. He announces his return to the Odinsleep. Taking Frigga with him, he orders the doors to be sealed, and does not say when he will return.

Loki is awakened, and placed under Thor’s guard. Thor is King now.

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